Srila Prabhupada Letter of December 20, 1969

London, England

My Dear Himavati,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated December 9, 1969, along with Deity clothes and my cap. I thank you very much for this. I have learned the story of the delivering of the Berkeley Jagai-Madhais. Although it is surprising, yet it is possible to happen in this Krishna Consciousness Movement.

Sri Narottama das Thakura says all sinful persons and suffering persons were delivered by the Sankirtana Movement inaugurated by Lord Caitanya, Who was formerly the Son of Nanda Maharaja, accompanied by Nityananda Prabhu, Who was formerly Sri Balarama. If we keep ourselves purely on the standard of Lord Caitanya's order, then chanting by us of the Holy Names of Krishna will descend as powerfully as He acted previously, during the time of Jagai and Madhai.

So I am very glad that you both, husband and wife, are executing the mission of Lord Caitanya so nicely and faithfully. Please continue to act like that and certainly Lord Caitanya will bestow all His blessings and power upon you. Personally I am so much engladdened that the pairs of young boys and girls whom I have placed in householder life are doing so nicely in the Western world.

When Lord Caitanya delivered Jagai and Madhai He was also a householder, but when Jagai and Madhai were actually reclaimed, His wife, Visnupriya, was not there. But in this case and in many other cases also, I find that my disciples combined together, husband and wife, are doing this preaching work so nicely. So I am especially proud how my householder disciples are preaching Lord Caitanya's Mission.

This is a new thing in the history of the Sankirtana Movement. In India all the acaryas and their descendants later on acted only from the man's side. Their wives were at home because that is the system from old times that women are not required to go out. But in Bhagavad-gita we find that women are also equally competent like the men in the matter of Krishna Consciousness Movement.

Please therefore carry on these missionary activities, and prove it by practical example that there is no bar for anyone in the matter of preaching work for Krishna Consciousness.

I am very glad to learn that Haribasara has got a child. Here also the boys and girls with children are dancing. So there is not distinction between the child and the child's parents in the matter of Krishna Consciousness. All of them are equally participating and deriving transcendental benefit.

I am leaving for Boston USA tomorrow at 2:30 pm, so you may address future correspondence there.

Hope you are well.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami